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Conditions of admission

The Hariclea Darclée International Voice Competition will take place in Braila, Romania from July 28 to August 9, 2020. The competition is open to singers of all nations, aged 20 to 35. The application form will be sent no later than June 1, 2020 (postal date), to:

    Fundatia Darclée Piata Traian Nr. 1 - 810153 Braila

Tel/Fax: +40-239 627 777
Web: www.darclee-voice-contest.com
E-mail: hariclea.darclee@yahoo.com

The candidates will send for registration:

-  a Curriculum Vitae

-  1 photo

-  the application form including

-  the repertory chosen for the competition, consisting of 5 opera arias of the singer's choice, to be sung by memory in the original key and language.

Thirty days prior to the beginning of the competition, the candidates will be notified by the organizers whether they have been accepted to enter the contest.

The registration fee of U$ 150 is to be paid in person at registration upon arrival of the candidate in Braila.

Travel within Romania and the cost of lodging and accomodation during the candidate's presence at the competition will be paid by the organizers.

The competition is scheduled in three eliminatory stages, the third beeing with orchestra.

In the first stage, the candidates will present 2 of the 5 arias, at their own choice. In the following stages, the arias will be chosen by the Jury.

The decisions of the Jury are definitive and incontestable.

Members of the Jury who are the candidate's professors at the time of the competition will abstain from judging that candidate. In this case the candidate will be given the highest grade conferred by the other members of the Jury.

The grades will range from 1 to 10.

During the official inauguration there will be a draw of ballots to determine the order of appearance for the competition.

The organizers will provide pianos and accompanists during the competition.

Before each round, every candidate will have the opportunity to rehearse with an accompanist in a separate coaching room. Singers are free to bring their own pianists, at their own expenses.

All candidates participating in the second and third stages of the competition will receive a Diploma.

The candidates, including the winners, will participate in the rehearsals and performances without fee and will claim no rights for radio and TV broadcasts.

It is understood that the laureats are obliged to take part at the final Concerts.
The absence unauthorized by the Jury, at such events, desqualifies the laureate.

Audience is admitted at the public sessions.


The Great Darclée Prize U$ 15,000

First Prize U$ 10,000    Second Prize U$ 7,000    Third Prize U$ 5,000

Other Prizes:

The Darclée Foundation Prize     The Special Prize of the Jury


Organizers: The Darclée Foundation,
The Romanian Atheneum International Foundation
Ministry of Culture, The Mayor's Office, The City Council Braila
The County Council Braila, The Prefect's Office, The Municipal Theatre, The Design Center